Monday, 1 November 2010

If Anthropologie did hair salons...

...they might be something like this. I love hairdressers that break the mould of clinical, all-white spaces - just check out this amazing salon in New York's East Village - L'Atelier de Laurie, discovered via fab new beauty blog Into the Gloss. It appeals to my inner magpie.


  1. Wow, it looks so good I want to lock myself away there and never come out. Nice find!!

  2. Hello! I tried to write this earlier...

    'Oh Laura, can't you be the boss of beauty? I want a UK Allure AND a cosy hair salon!' But then didn't know how to add a signature, so gave up like a scaredy cat...I've never commented on a blog before!

    Anyway, here goes!

    Aha! I see!

  3. Well thanks for trying again, Something! Welcome to the wonderful world of commenting!