Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Camel fingers...

...and possibly er, toes? Nails Inc's new hue, Cadogan Square, £11, is a limited edition camel shade, designed to go with that camel coat we have all dutifully bought this season, haven't we? Could be a tricky colour to do, depending on your skintone, but that hasn't stopped it becoming their hottest seller, shifting more than 1000 units in just 24 hours. I like how it looks against the other limited shade, the turquoise Portobello Road.


  1. They do look gorgeous next to each other! I like how the Portobello Road shade is light but not so light we can't wear it now the weather (and wardrobes) have turned into AW. Just bought the Nails Inc Motcomb Street shade, gorgeous midnight blue! Also good with camel.

  2. Hello and sorry for popping in so late to say 'thank you' for becoming a follower of my blog. x

    Loving these shades, but agree on no. 1. A hard one to pull off with the wrong skin. Though I usually love paler shades on tanned toes and fingers, I would probably opt for this one with very very pale Winter skin. Would look gorgeous with black.

    Hoping you have a fab and spooky Halloween weekend planned.

    x Charlotta

  3. the turquoise is soo tempting...