Monday, 16 November 2009

Size zero vs Plus size...

It's the fat v thin debate, but this time we're talking mascara wands. Revlon Double Twist has a chunky, retro-looking brush, although its double-helix shape is all-new technology. Clinique High Lengths has a spindly, bendy brush of supermodel proportions - skinny, that is. They're calling it a willow wand - slim but strong and flexible. It doesn't look like this skimpy brush could achieve much, but it makes getting to those tiny inner lashes simple, lifts from the roots and coats each lash for a defined, separated, natural look -making it a great everyday mascara. The Revlon brush on the other hand, deposits lots of deep black to the lashes, thickening at the roots and giving a full, feathery, perfect-for-night effect in one swoop. Hmm, I think you're going to want them both! Double Twist on counter December; for High Lengths you're going to have to wait until February.


  1. thought you would! If pushed, I think I would go for the Clinique as an all-rounder, and I prefer a more natural look x