Friday, 2 October 2009

Just browsing

I normally associate trips to John Lewis with shopping for saucepans, but I'm a recent convert to their Blink brow bar - so convenient. The only downside, curious passers-by - usually men -peering at you while it's done, since it's in a busy spot on the ground floor - and I guess threading does look odd if you've never seen it done before. I've been a threading fan since the queen of threading, Vaishaly, first did mine years ago. At Blink yesterday, my therapist consulted me every step of the way, and as well as tidying up the above the brow, pointed out that removing 'those four hairs' at the inner corner below my brow would improve their shape. She was right, and just sharpening that line of my brow gave my whole face a fresher look. £17 well spent.
[Clearly, that's not me with my new brows in the pic, it's from a shoot I did for Company magazine with the lovely Italian photographer, Michele Civelli]
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  1. I'm always tempted by threading, but I have puny brows to start off with.

    I didn't realise Vaishaly did threading - I've known her as a facialist primarily (some of her skincare is very good.)

  2. Well, I think they are so skilled at eyebrows of any description, they will fill in/tint and tell you which bits to allow to grow,and they also seem to thread areas which I didn't even realise were hairy (er, in between my brows?!) which adds to the effect.
    Yes, I love Vaishaly's skincare too. Smells amazing. THanks for commenting!

  3. I'm obsessed with brow-grooming but I will NOT let anyone else near my brows. Ooh no!