Wednesday, 19 January 2011

NYC or Paris - which are you?

Love this from the clever and cute blog that compares quintessential NY and Paris things. When it comes to beauty which would you choose? Dior, Chanel and YSL or Bobbi Brown, Kiehls and Clinique? I love French brands for their luxe feel, but I like the freshness and immediacy of US products. Hmm...The image is also available as a poster too.


  1. NYC!! I love it and I'm off there again in March I can't wait.

    Mind you I've never been to Paris.

    Jenni x

    I love all things Self Tan

  2. NYC every time. Although Paris is wonderful my Scandi roots feel more at home in the US.

    PS. Thanks for the follow. x

  3. Love this, what a cool website! I am torn - both are enchanting and have something in common... I daydream about both of them frequently! Check out my latest post on Paris xxx