Monday, 15 November 2010

Astier de Villatte beauty

I have long hankered after the quirky ceramics by Astier de Villatte, but always reasoned that I would probably break them, so resisted. But now they have these beautiful candles, and even a hand cream, soap and eau de cologne, any of which could be a safer way to own a bit of the brand. The descriptions of the candles on the website are so evocative - I think perfect for these misty Autumnal nights must be the 'Edimbourg' candle: "A haunted castle, an ancient city of ruins abandoned to ghosts. The aromatic vapours of a pure single malt, damp cedar wood, mossy stones and beeswax mingle with coolly mysterious mineral notes." Gorgeous.


  1. that sounds lovely but as an actual inhabitant of Edinburgh I have to laugh. Edinburgh actually smells of diesel fumes and periodically of brewery effluent. The layout of the place makes the centre one of the most polluted places in the UK. And I'm hardpressed to think of any ruins, apart from the council blocks in Craigmillar.

  2. Ha - good point!! All the more reason to get a candle to drown out the natural aromas!