Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Help for spotty skin


There are few things, beautywise, more demoralising than coping with breakouts, so a new premium foundation aimed at helping tackle blemish-prone skin is good news. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Make-up, £20, is the newest addition to the Anti-Blemish Solutions range. Acting as a bridge between your skincare and make-up, the foundation contains four blemish-fighting ingredients. Salicylic acid works as an exfoliant, keeping pores clear; sea-algae helps regulate sebum production; caffeine to reduce redness associated with blemishes; and hydroxydecanoic acid which helps control the spread of blemish-causing agents. It's a lightweight formula that comes in eight shades from very fair to deep. I found you need to blend it quite quickly before it sets, but for more on how to apply it for the best effect, I'll hand over to make-up artist Lizzy Court in this video where you can see it in action...

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  1. This is officially my new favourite and has pride of place in my make-up bag. I discovered it on counter in Debenhams and speaking as someone with blemishes and discoloured/blotchy skin who has tried A LOT of different foundations, concealers and tinted moisturisers - it really works!