Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cool crop

Carey Mulligan looks cool on the cover of Interview. Seems that we all like her crop better than she does. "Don't get the Carey Mulligan haircut, I'm trying to grow this out" she said recently. She bleached it for a small part in the Johnny Depp film Public Enemies, it turned to straw and she had to lop it off. But with the feline liner and lashes in this shoot it looks fab.


  1. Cool hair cut. I'd love to be brave enough to go as short as this! Too scared though.
    Oh and yeah, jelly shoes do give you blisters but they make me feel so cheerily nostalgic, so I'd be prepared to let them off! haha xx

  2. Very cool hair - though last time mine was that short I was a teenager and everyone thought I was a boy mmm...

  3. That's very Jean Seberg, I love it... but could never carry it off myself