Thursday, 15 April 2010

The best blowdrys

Seems to have become Hair Week here at The Beauty Edit, not exactly planned, but lets just go with it shall we? 
I discovered the wonder of a salon blowdry when I'd got a new job at a magazine and suddenly had so many events to go to, my wardrobe couldn't keep up. Not being a sample size, raiding the fashion cupboard (the shady ploy of many a well-dressed editor) was not an option. But I soon realised that it didn't really matter what I wore as long as my hair looked good, saving me from many rushed last-minute outfit purchases. A great blowdry made me feel more polished and 'done' and made my haircolour look refreshed. I learnt how to last out a blowdry for a few days (the less products used to begin with, the better; don't get it wet or touch it too much; when it starts to get a bit lank go over with GHDs; the last resort, dry shampoo, by then it's time to wash it again!).  
Not every blowdry was a success; once a PR arranged the ultimate luxury for me, a stylist to come to my hotel room during the New York shows, what a treat. He got to work with the hot rollers and I came out looking the double of Karen from Will and Grace. Not exactly the  New York vibe I was hoping to channel! But I've never had a duff blowdry at Daniel Hersheson in London. Stylists there seem to instinctively understand what makes a look cool, and they never get too 'hairdressery'. 

So it's no wonder their Blow Dry Bars have been such a hit. Hershesons Blow Dry Bar in Topshop Oxford Circus is now a standalone salon and they've added three new looks to the menu (which all cost £22) - the Rick Rack Jack, a very editorial frizzed look; The Big and Brushed - bouncy with lots of movement; and The Marcel, a fabulous 40s wave. The only problem is deciding which to have.

Top to bottom: Rick Rack Jack, Marcel, Big and Brushed, Wavy Gravy, Super Straight, Classic, B52, Bardot.


  1. Love, love, love this post! Can't wait to get back to London and try out one of their Blow Drys!
    Think I will have to try a different one each week..

  2. Thanks Braziliant! I can see you with a B52.

  3. I've had my hair blow dried at the Topshop Hersheson salon a couple of times and love the blowdry 'menu'.

    Totally agree that amazing, blowdried hair beats tonnes of outfit effort, anyday (bad hair day kills any decent outfit in my experience)


  4. Blow drys are the best! One day we'll all be like Anna Wintour and have a blow dry every morning before work...