Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Luxury Liz Earle facial

When I worked on a magazine, any press release about Mother's Day went straight in the 'circular file', our readers were shopping for themselves first and foremost. But we're a more caring, sharing lot here in the blogosphere, aren't we? and I don't know what Ma wouldn't like to be on the receiving end of a Liz Earle gift. I've used and loved her products in the past (Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash and Superbalm are two faves) but had yet to try out a treatment. Liz, a former beauty editor herself, has built a skincare empire which she masterminds from the Isle of Wight (really), published a ton of books and brought up a family - so you know that anything she puts her name to is going to deliver, and her Signature Facial at her flagship King's Road store didn't disappoint. All the details have been well thought-through, from the superwide, super-comfy heated treatment bed in the subtly-lit room to the pertinent questions on pre-treatment form. Victoria, the delightful therapist, explained everything clearly (including what to leave on and take off) then chatted about what I'd like from the treatment. She decided to include some extraction, lots of lymphatic drainage and nourishing creams. What I really liked - that it included steaming and extraction, so much massage (including feet - bliss!) a bit of high-tech gadgetry in the form of a high-frequency tool to deliver anti-bacterial ozone to stop blemishes in their tracks, and a mini vacuuming gadget. My skin felt softer, plumper and my jawline definitely looked more taut thanks to all the lymphatic drainage. It's £85 for an hour and a half. If your mum can't make it to London, they have these products on offer for Mother's Day.


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  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon