Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Wild hair at Westwood

It was all about light and shadow when it came to the make-up at Vivienne Westwood Red Label. Mac's Gordon Espinet played with creating shadows and highlighting parts of the face to mimic light hitting the face from one side. His trick to get the luminous skin was to mix Face and Body in white with equal parts of C1 or C2 and Strobe highlighter. Hairdresser Peter Gray talked through the polaroid board, explaining how the look evolved. He was all about the texture - he wanted to get hair the texture of mohair, challenging the idea that only smooth, silky hair is desirable. So after prepping with Tec Ni Art Volume Architect at the roots and Playball Texture Tonic through the midlengths, hair was messily backcombed ('like a client would do it," he said!) and curled without brushing it through then tucked up into exaggerated shapes. But it still felt soft like mohair. Out front, everyone had to budge up to accommodate Janet Jackson, but like a game of fashion musical chairs, that left Ke$ha and pal without a seat, so they stormed out. But a PR chased after them, swapped a few seats around and everyone could sit down and admire Gordon and Peter's expert work. Oh, and the clothes of course!

Model image: vogue.co.uk

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