Monday, 15 February 2010

Hybrid cheek colour

I'm all for multi-tasking products but unfortunately, for me Cargo Cheek Activator, £18 (from Boots from April) doesn't really deliver. It's a hybrid skin-adapting cream cheek colour that purports to lift, plump and sculpt your cheeks, which I think is a bit much to expect one product to do. It goes on a bit like a greyish PVA glue - a tiny bit goes a long way - which adapts colour with the warmth of your skin, on me the Rose Flush shade became a rather unexpected terracotta-coral. Trouble is, I think cream colour demands a light and sparing touch, but to get the lifting benefits you need to spread it over a bigger area than you'd want to put blusher on, if you see what I mean. Has anyone else tried this yet and had a better result?

1 comment:

  1. I have used Cargo products in the past and they were pretty good, but might give this one a miss. my cheeks don't need lifting yet anyway!