Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Fashion nails

Sneak backstage on shoots and shows via editorial nail pro Sophy Robson's new blog. Her current favourite colour is Pepto Bismol pink, as seen in this fab image from her blog, and you can see her work on the Alexa Chung cover of British Vogue this month.

Also check out Lipglossiping, for this video of Nonie Creme, the manicurist behind Butter London, discussing the nail look for the Jen Kao show in New York. I love how the guys are singularly uninterested, and I think the designer stifles a yawn at one point. However Nonie is a great presenter and it's a good little video. (They opt for a sandy-taupey shade, for a clean, buffed look in the end).

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  1. I love this post, especially 'stifles a yawn'. It's always good to know what is on new and interesting too.