Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Switching Shampoos

I just switched shampoos, from supermarket to superluxe, and the difference in my hair is amazing! I have a feeling the supermarket variant I was using was probably too rich for my hair; making it a bit lacklustre. Conversely, Phyto Phytoprogenium Intelligent Shampoo combined with Phytobaume Conditioner leaves my hair feeling light, manageable and it makes the colour look really refreshed. Years ago, I met Patrick Ales, the founder of Phyto. He dressed a bit like a priest and we had lunch at a gorgeous restaurant on the banks of the Seine. Their products have always been a favourite with session stylists, but they're a bit more low-key about it than other brands. One of the star products which I also love is Phyto 7, a conditioning finishing balm that you can smooth through the ends of dry hair for a little bit of definition and shine.

We pay a lot of attention to styling tools and straighteners, but sometimes overlook hairdryers - I think the hairdryer I use makes a difference to the final effect - I'm using the BaByliss Eco Dry which dries my hair really quickly and leaves it silkier than other dryers.

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