Tuesday, 17 November 2009

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If all the talk of Chanel Jade nail colour has opened your eyes to green polish, here are two more to consider. While Jade is a pretty, Laduree macaroon of a colour, these two are altogether more Wicked and witchy. L'Oreal Paris Resist and Shine Titanium no 736 is part of their new Black Gloss collection, made with a carbon black pigment base shot through with metallic colour. This one is called Black Turquoise, it comes out as a dark, seaweedy green with a hint of shimmer and a high shine finish. Simple to apply and lasts well. No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Totally Teal is a cream formula and a lovely bluey-mid-green. Needs a bit more care to put on to get a good finish. My bedroom used to be painted that colour, perhaps that's why I'm drawn to it! Have you found any other great greens?


  1. OMG the No.7 color is STUNNING. My Indian dress for my wedding was that color! Why do you say its needs more care to get a good finish? Is it streaky?

  2. Not exactly streaky, more that you can just slap on the L'Oreal one and it looks great, with the No7 because it's a slightly thinner texture, you need to be a bit more precise, and might need three coats. I'm sure any nail aficionado such as yourself wouldn't have any problem with it! Your dress must have been lovely!