Thursday, 26 November 2009

Chanel catwalk spy

Found this amazing video via fab blog Hair on the Brain where a spy camera is hidden in a girls hair to give a models-eye-view of the catwalk at Chanel's S/S show. It actually made me feel a bit nervous watching it. As well as negotiating a spiral staircase to get to the catwalk, models also had to navigate haystacks and wooden pillars. When I've been to shows, I find watching models struggle not to trip up in impossible heels excruciating. But then I remind myself they are being paid a fortune and don't feel quite so bad for them. Also noticed how tiny the 'real' people are next to the models; true, the camera is on top of her head, but if I hid a camera on my head, it would still be about level with these girls cleavage (if they had any, that is). I've heard of nanny-cams and dogcams - what next - celebcams? I'd love to get a celeb perspective of a red carpet moment. WDYT - could be the new Twitter?


  1. Wow, so that's what it's like to be a model! It must be quite daunting to have the whole rooms staring at you. The make-up artist looks so tiny!

  2. Tell me about it! We're a bunch of munchkins to them!