Thursday, 8 October 2009

Magic moodboards

Seen The September Issue yet? I can't wait - beauty editor friends that have say it's great and made them smile because even on US Vogue the planning meeting seems pretty similar to any other magazine - beauty editor tries to convince disinterested editor-in-chief that her idea for a story is the best ever...
Fashion shoots are all about showing the clothes, but when you come up with an idea for a beauty shoot, you're trying to put across a concept or just something you have in your mind's eye, and trying to describe that to a sceptical editor can be tough. That's why I wish I'd had a resource like Boubou Teatime. Her collages are always gorgeous and inspiring, a visual feast. But then you might think, why spend thousands of pounds on photoshoot at all, just use the collage...!


  1. I love doing mood boards. They're brilliant for a bit of inspiration (clearly why all designers/creative directors et al use them still). Check this one out:

    I did it for the e-commerce company I co-founded but took out the logo after I went my own way. xx JT

  2. Thanks so much, I will check that out! I forsee many more hours spent/wasted on the net searching out great images!