Friday, 23 October 2009

Behind-the-scenes with Tavi

A few months ago I told my friend Mel Arter, a make-up artist, that I was thinking about starting a blog. She said 'I just shot Tavi for Pop magazine, you have to see her blog!' That was the first I heard of her, but clearly not the last! "Working with Tavi was strange at first – she’s a 13-year-old, so I was really conscious of her age," Mel told me recently. "She’s quite amazing and knows exactly what she wants, she didn’t want a lot of make-up and rightly so. So it was just about bringing a bit of dewiness to her skin, delicately and subtly." I think that's exactly what she achieved and the pictures are stunning. Coming from 'old media' myself, magazines that is, one of the things I love about the web is that so many different voices and opinions can be shared. It would be pretty hard for anyone, let alone a teenager, to launch a magazine, but there are no barriers to entry on the net. And thanks to that we all get to share Tavi's unique perspective.


  1. ObSESSed with Tavi....want to be her best friend...or her intern....or at least someone she direct messages with on her.

  2. Ha! I always wonder how she finds the time to blog, along with school, homework etc. Someone should make a film about her...
    Thanks for stopping by!