Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cool new colour

My summery highlights were starting to look a bit jaded, so the call from Wella Professionals with the offer to visit HOB salon in Camden Lock was perfectly timed.
So yesterday I was lucky to have a consultation with technical expert Christel Lundqvist, award-winning colourist. Some salons barely give your existing look a cursory glance before they whip out the foils, but Christel quizzed me about my favourite colours, what I wear, whether I go for brights or patterns and scrutinised my eye colour and skin tone. Her verdict on what would work for me: a cool, oaky brown that she said would bring out my eye colour. I was surprised to see her bring out a Laura Ashley catalogue instead of a colour chart; but flicking to the page of different woods, from ash to mahogany, was actually a great way to help me envisage what she was describing.
I loved the finished look, the coppery streaks were all gone replaced by a deep, almost bluey brown.

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